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Frequently Asked Questions


In order to answer queries as quickly as possible, we've complied a list of out frequently asked questions...

Anacare is a product designed to give relief from anal irritation and itching. Below you will find several questions about the product, its properties and how to order. Click on the question to show the answer. If you're unable to find an answer, please don't hesitate to get in touch

About AnaCare

How does Anacare work?
Anacare works by soothing, cooling, shrinking and repairing the skin around the anal area. The natural active ingredients are carried into the skins epidermis. Anacare is also designed to leave a soothing barrier to prevent any bacteria or faeces irritating the anal area. This will aid the healing process and prevent further itching.
How much do I apply?
We recommend that a small pea sized amount should be applied. However this amount depends on the severity of anal irritation and therefore a second application may be necessary.
How frequently should I apply Anacare?
This again is depending on the severity of anal irritation the user is experiencing. In most cases our customers tell us that one pea sized application can easily last all day. We advise that Anacare is best applied when you feel any anal discomfort or after each bowel movement.
What is the expiry of Anacare?
The product carries a 18 month shelve life (unopened) and a 6 month once opened use by date.
Is Anacare safe to use?
Yes, Anacare has been approved by the UK MHRA as a safe cosmetic cream. Anacare and its ingredients have been assessed and approved by a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in both the conventional and natural pharmaceutical industry.
Is Anacare a medical product?
No, Anacare is a cosmetic cream to soothe, cool, moisturise and protect the anal area.
Is Anacare safe to use whilst pregnant of breastfeeding?
Yes. Anacare was developed with pregnant and post natal mums in find. The ingredients used in Anacare have been classed as safe to use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we still advise that you should always discuss any type of topical applications with either your doctor or midwife.
Anacare sounds too good to be true, does it really work?
Yes, our customers report great efficacy and we receive many telephone calls to thank us for a wonderful product. We also receive many emails and letters telling us how Anacare has helped. When a customer allows we often publish these testimonials. However most customers prefer to be discreet and prefer that we do not publish their testimonials. Discretion will always be honoured and we would never give anyone your name or contact details.
Can Anacare be used inside the rectum?
Anacare is safe to use in and around the anal area. We state on the tube that Anacare is for external use only. This refers to not swallowing the contents.
Can Anacare be used for all types of itching?
Anacare has been developed for soothing itching around the anal area. However we often receive feedback from customers who tell us it is fantastic for insect bites, especially midgy and mosquito bites. The cooling and soothing effect of Anacare removes the itch and soothes the inflammation caused by the bite. Please let us know if you come across another use for Anacare, we would love to know.
Does Anacare come with an applicator?
At this present time Anacare does not come with an applicator. We find applicators actually waste a lot of the product as there is no control how much is being applied. Many claim applicators that applicators can be painful to use. We do however sell finger cots (small finger condoms) that make the application a little more pleasant.
Can Anacare cause staining to my underwear?
Anacare may cause staining. This is due to the location of the product and the natural ingredients. We all know most natural plant ingredients can cause staining. These stains can be prevented by wearing dark underwear or ladies may prefer to use a liner. The good news is the stain can easily be removed with standard washing powders/liquid and a stain remover product.

Ordering AnaCare

Can I buy Anacare in the shops?
Not at the moment. Anacare is only available online via this website or
Why do you offer a no quibble money back guarantee?
We believe in our product. We know that there are many over the counter and online remedies available. Of course they all claim that they work and how wonderful they are treating piles and hemorrhoids or anal irritations. How many of these products have you tried already, only to be disappointed that they do not work! Than ask yourself why do they not allow me to send the product back for a full refund! We want you to try Anacare and see the remarkable difference it makes after applying it. If for some reason you find that Anacare does not live upto your expectations then simply send it back within 3 months and at least half full for a full purchase price refund.
What about shipping and packaging
Anacare is manufactured and distributed by ourselves from the UK. Delivery normally takes between 7 and 10 working days. You can request a tracking number by emailing us with your order number to Anacare comes in a green plain mailing bag with no reference to its contents other than on the customs declaration label which states that it is a cosmetic skincare cream. We do this to give you complete discretion and to avoid any embarrassment due to the nature of the product.


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